First of May at Brasserie Kämp

Cheers to life, sun, and the approaching summer.

On May first, two sittings of Brasserie Kämp's First of May Menu are available. The sittings are from 12.30 PM to 3 PM and from 4 PM to 6.30 PM.

  • First of May menu is available for 76 euros per person
  • Children from age 4 to 12 enjoy the menu at half price
  • Children under 4 eat free of charge

Warmest of welcome.

First of May Menu

Starter Buffet

Leafy greens with passion fruit vinaigrette - V, G

Salad with early potatoes and spring vegetables - M, G

Truffle flavoured mozzarella with tomato and arugula - G

Caesar salad with kale and Västerbotten cheese - L, (G)

Blackcurrant herring - L, G

Baltic herring in dill and mustard marinade - L, G

Baltic herring roulades- L, G

Herring “caviar” - G

Fennel flavoured gravlax with lemon crème fraîche - L, G

Smoked rainbow trout with dill mayonnaise - M, G

Whitefish roe mousse with red onion and malt bread - L

Roast beef with mustard crème - M, G

Boiled early potatoes in dill butter - L, G

Bread selection with churned butter

Plated Main Course

Pan-fried whitefish with creamed false morels and potato purée – L, G


Roasted guinea fowl breast with grilled carrot, gem salad and creamy fowl sauce – L, G


Roasted beetroot and hazelnuts, kale and chickpea salad, Vanha Vilho cheese, and lovage sauce – LF, GF, (V)

Dessert Buffet

Assorted cheese, compotes and caramelized nuts – VL

Fresh sliced fruits – V, G

Doughnuts à la Kämp – L, no nut

Rhubarb and meringue tartlets – L, no nuts

Strawberry and lemon cake – G, VL, no nuts

Kämp Signature chocolate cake – L, G, sis. Hazelnut

Paahtopaisti I Roast Beef - FIN

Helmikana I Guinea Fowl - FRA

. . . . .


L – Lactose-free

M – Milk-free

G – Gluten-free

(G) – Available as gluten-free